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Soggy biscuit video

Soggy Biscuit - Aftermath - YouTube

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"Soggy biscuit" by the comedy group Grotesce translation by Censeo "If you've ever in a group have thought of playing with your thing I urge you then to

Grotesce - Soggy biscuit - YouTube

1. soggy biscuit A male masturbating game. Contestants all jack off onto a digestive biscuit.whoever shoots his load first onto the biscuit is deemed the winner!
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Soggy biscuit video

Soggy biscuit video

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Circle. Jerk. Soggy. Biscuit. from.
Lincoln Biscuits - That Boy There
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  • In the most dangerous game, your destiny is in the palm of another man's hand.
    1. soggy your arent fresh looking or your fat, and you have no friends. Your clothes are out of style. Kelly Kalbacher is very soggy unlike Joel Metzger.
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    Grotesce - Soggy biscuit - YouTube .